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Frequently Asked QuestionsStopping public support

2011.02.02 08:43 1 0

Hello!Forced to inform you that we are close the p...

TroubleshoutingError message when creating a new blog, ping not sent to Twitter

2010.11.11 11:57 2 0

I have added my user name and password for Twitter...

TroubleshoutingError submiting comment on IE 8 with captcha

2010.11.03 04:18 4 0

Hello,I'm using idoblog free version. When submit ...

TroubleshoutingThe french version?

2010.10.26 07:28 1 0

Hello, it is French translation available ?

TroubleshoutingError when new user login

2010.10.22 08:51 0 0

After authentication the new user is sent directly...

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TroubleshoutingPolish translation

lsp 2009.09.09 13:43 1 0


Hi there i have a problem with my trnaslation i've made i did it on the base from german translation and installed it and its ok, but now i've see few bugs, how can i reinstall language pack ??

thank you in advance

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  • TroubleshoutingUsing tags

    Joachym 2009.09.09 05:32 0 0


    Hello Idobloggers,

    how to create a menu from tags?

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  • Troubleshoutingidoblog livenews

    suesbarn 2009.09.08 15:34 1 0


    Where do you get the IDoBlog Live news module as shown on the right of this page? Does it list the latest posts?


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  • Troubleshoutingnotices and errors

    mrplinsky 2009.09.08 14:32 2 0


    Hello i always have this notice:

    /public_html/components/com_idoblog/views/idoblog/view.html.php on line 115

    And in the Write post:

    JFolder::files: Il percorso non è una cartella: (not a directory)


    public_html/components/com_idoblog/views/entry/tmpl/entry.php on line 34

    more in the profile page:

    public_html/components/com_idoblog/views/profile/view.html.php on line 62

    Can you help me?

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  • TroubleshoutingTeste

    Jaime 2009.09.07 22:22 0 0


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  • Troubleshoutinginstallation - can't create directory

    Kim Dumas 2009.09.07 02:07 0 0


    I can't install the idoblog component.  I get an error message(below).  I contacted the server I use and they said:

    You probably don't have the directory that it is going to install in
    set to be world writable. Joomla runs as the user apache and thus any
    files that it writes are owned by apache, not you.

    I temporarily made the components directory 777 but I still got the error. Can you help me get past this please? I'm not a "server" person.  I'm a web designer trying to venture into the world of joomla. Thanks so much.

    • JFolder::create: Could not create directory
    • Component Install: Failed to create directory.: "/home/marsenault/domains/markarsenault.net/public_html/administrator/components/com_idoblog"
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  • How to bloggingMutliple users

    Joseph Renken 2009.09.06 00:10 4 0.1



    I have created a website for my church and want to implement a blog for each of my pastors and myself...yet viewable for our congregation.  While looking thru your video instructions, I couldn't find how to make sure that this can be completed.  Could you please send me instructions on how I can accomplish these items...

    1. Have a different link for each of our blogs within a menu module.
    2. Have it so that we can be the only ones who create a topic.
    3. Due to spam, not allow others to comment w/o approval.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Troubleshoutingbugs insert new post

    peppe 2009.09.05 14:11 6 0


    i'm italin so... sorry for my englsih.

    i have install idoblog in my site

    when i try to insert a new post and save no go in the page where in the blog.


    blog: http://www.okkiosullaprovincia.it/index.php?option=com_idoblog&view=idoblog&Itemid=8

    login: demo

    password: demo

    thanks !

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  • Troubleshoutingitalian translation

    Revolweb 2009.09.05 00:26 0 0


    Italian translation is available for idoblog (site and admin) to this url.
    I hope to be inserted in downloads section on this site.

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  • TroubleshoutingCan it be installed in a certain page

    Jan Ferrari 2009.09.04 10:08 0 0


    I have made a site, where there is a menu called my blog.

    And i have tried to follow, the video, but that makes it showing up under that menu "My blog", and there is no login.

    I'm using the Rocketthemes template "Perihelion", and i want it to show up inside my page "My blog", is that possible?

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  • TroubleshoutingCan all my users be notified whenever a new post is created?

    Brutus 2009.09.03 09:55 1 0


    Hi there ,

    As it says in the title. I wish to create a blog that will send an email to all registered users when a new topic is created, and likewise whenever some responds to the topic. Is this possible ?


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  • TroubleshoutingEnter text shown in left: no showing up

    elothropjr 2009.09.03 06:33 0 0


    Any Idea why the text does not show up to the left when replying to a post? no matter if a member or a guest is trying to do so? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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  • TroubleshoutingIDoBlog - blog for Joomla!

    darkhucx 2009.09.02 10:25 3 0


    IDoBlog - blog for Joomla! 1.5.x. IDoBlog - is not just a blog, this is a full blog system containing profiles, commenting system and multiuser blogs system without any additional. Using IDoBlog commenting system you can organise not linear discussion, with branches.

    IDoBlog options:
    - Separate rss-feed for each blog
    - Friends feeds
    - Buit-in commenting system, using a powerfull comments editor with BB-code
    - Ability to make branches in discussion
    - Friends management system
    - Easy navigation through the pop-up menu
    - Easy and intuitively form for new articles writing
    - Separate image file archive for each user
    - Article tagging system
    - Flexible new comments and post notification system
    - The minimum amount of load on the server, using ajax inserts;
    - Built-in templates management system
    - Multiuser blogging
    - SEF-links and bread-crumbs
    - Users can publish Google Adsense ads in they personal blog

    and much more!

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  • TroubleshoutingIDBlog 测试

    darkhucx 2009.09.02 10:13 0 0


    IDBlog 测试

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  • How to bloggingis this good

    Conrad 2009.09.02 01:37 0 0



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  • TroubleshoutingError - JFolder::files: Path is not a folder:

    PLPADV 2009.09.01 20:26 13 0.1



    This is a great componet! It works great I'm just geting this error: JFolder::files: Path is not a folder:

    It shows up right above  "Write a Blog"

    Has anyone had and fixed this error? Thanks!

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  • TroubleshoutingUser Blog Entry Problem

    Daniel 2009.09.01 04:45 4 0


    Hi, everytime, if a normal user wants to write a Blog Entry, there shows up a near to blank page:

    So if i klick on a Link , wich i made for post a Blog ... (pic1 )

    After i klick on "write a new Post" (index.php?option=com_idoblog&view=entry&layout=entry )

    it shows for normal Users this blank ... ( see pic 2 )

    But i as an Admin can post normaly in the Blog, so what is the Problem here ? ..

    Sorry for my english! 


    Nobody has an Solution?

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  • Troubleshoutingtest

    silentulx 2009.08.31 14:21 0 0



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  • How to bloggingtest

    kim 2009.08.29 11:02 1 0.2



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  • TroubleshoutingERROR

    ranga 2009.08.29 09:07 2 0


    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\joomla\components\com_idoblog\views\entry\view.html.php on line 49

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\joomla\components\com_idoblog\views\entry\view.html.php on line 52

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\joomla\components\com_idoblog\views\entry\view.html.php on line 49

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\wamp\www\joomla\components\com_idoblog\views\entry\view.html.php on line 52

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